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123.hp.com will provide their best services in installing HP Printer Drivers and Hp printer setup. Moreover, its entire team has come forward to assist you. Furthermore, they are marching towards providing you with the best HP technical support and services. Moreover, it will guide you to install accessories, including paper handling, and EIO devices. Apart from this, it will also give you assistance to maintain your printer.

Features of 123.hp.com

123.hp.com provides you with the complete manual for 123.hp.com/setup, HP Printer Drivers, and hp printer setup.

Besides, they have certified experts to resolve your issues with quick action. Therefore, here are some features –

1. Quick Guidance

If you face any issue on the printer’s control panel, then contact the technical team for assistance. Hence, the experts will immediately solve your query, providing you with an instant response.

2. Time Saving

Furthermore, the tech experts aim for your satisfaction. Hence, they will suggest an efficient solution to your problems. Thus, saving your time and money.

2. Certified Experts

If you face any issue regarding your 123.hp.com, do not stress because you are in the right hands. Thus, tech consultants are just a call away to provide you with a solution.

Service Provided by 123.hp.com

HP printer setup from 123.hp.com

Learn HP printer setup from 123.hp.com/setup

HP Driver Installation Steps

HP Driver installation for Windows

Know how to fix HP Printer Driver

Know how to fix HP Printer Driver

Connect Printer using USB

Connect Printer using USB

Connect Wireless Printer

Connect Wireless Printer

How to set up 123.hp.com Printer?

Unpack the printer from the box when you have purchased it. Then, follow these steps to get started with your 123.hp.com Printer setup-

➔ First, you have to sort the packing materials.

➔ Second, you have to power the cable. Then, connect it to the printer and power source to establish a power connection.

➔ Third, turn on the HP printer to proceed further.

➔ Fourth, insert the papers into the paper tray.

➔ Fifth, install the 123.hp.com/setup link cartridges on the respective slots.

➔ To proceed with printer installation, follow this link, i.e., 123.hp.com/setup.

How to set up 123.hp.com Printer

How to Download & Install HP Printer Drivers?

To obtain features accessible to your HP Printers, you must download a 123 hp printer driver. Therefore, then install printer software instructions. Hence, here are the instructions for the same-

How to Download & Install HP Printer Drivers

➔ First, begin with turning on your HP Printer and the devices. Also, note that it supports only MAC or Windows devices.

➔ Second, open the 123.hp.com/setup site through your Chrome, Safari, or Mozilla browser.

➔ Third, you can know your printer model number from the HP Printer control panel. Hence, to avail the best printer software package, you have to type your hp printer model number there. 

➔ Fourth, choose and click on the Basic software or full-featured printer driver according to your operating system.

➔ Fifth, click on the ‘Download icon,’ which will initiate the downloading process.

➔ Sixth, locate the printer software file from your ‘Downloads.’

➔ Lastly, you have to run the software file on your computer to access the printing service. Furthermore, continue with the HP Printer driver installation for Windows or Mac using on-screen instructions.

How To Setup 123.hp.com Wireless Printer?

Now, avail the benefits of a 123 hp wireless printer by connecting it to your nearest wifi network. Hence, the below section assists you in initiating the Direct wifi facility. Therefore, follow these steps for the hp printer wireless network setup.

➔ You first have to go to the HP Printer control panel for initiating a wireless hp printer setup.

➔ Furthermore, then click on the Direct wifi option.

➔ Then, visit your settings option to activate the wifi on your HP wireless printer.

➔ Hence, the Wireless setup wizard will let you connect multiple wireless compatible devices to it.

➔ Moreover, make sure to check your internet connection before starting the process. Henceforth, note using the Direct wifi method even when your device has a USB connection.

➔ Further, the next step for you is, from 123.hp.com, you have to open the ‘HP Printer Setup Software.’

➔ Additionally, you have to visit the ‘Tools’ option to open Device Setup Software.

➔ Hence, then click on the ‘connect a new device’ icon.

➔ Finally, then tap on the Wireless option to connect. Moreover, it can connect up to five wireless compatible devices.

HOW TO SETUP 123.hp.com Wireless Printer

Therefore, now you have completed the wireless hp printer setup. Furthermore, your HP Printer Drivers and hp printer setup can support hp auto wireless connect. It is also compatible to wireless setup wizard, WPS Setup, and USB Printer Wireless Setup.

How To Initiate 123.hp.com USB Setup?

The USB HP Printer Setup comes with technical features. Furthermore, it also enables you to have complete security. Therefore, immediately get your hands on these contemporary top-notch design quality Hp printer drivers. Hence, follow these steps to connect your Windows and Mac devices to the network. Also, refer to 123.hp.com for a more profound explanation.

Installation For Windows Devices:

➔ First, turn on your printer. Therefore, with the provided USB cable, connect the printer with your computer.

➔ Further, now go to the ‘devices’ option under the Windows menu for hp printer setup for windows.

➔ Then, click on the ‘Devices’ and ‘Printers’ options. Further, you have to remove the existing printer from the connected devices.

➔ Lastly, then you have to install the HP Printer driver. Also, you have to select the full-featured HP Printer driver. Furthermore, the full-featured driver is available at 123.hp.com.

Installation for Mac Devices

➔ The first step for installing Mac devices is the same as WINDOWS. Therefore, turn on your PCs and connect them with the USB. 

➔ Moreover, it supports HP Easy Start Setup Software or Apple Software Update for driver download.

➔ Also, you can locate the ‘download’ option under the Driver-Product Installation Software for 123 hp printer installation for Mac.

➔ Hence, now go to the HP Easy Start file. Also, select the connection type as USB while installing the software.

➔ Finally, add your hp printer driver to the existing network. Moreover, you can find a detailed list of steps for further use at 123.hp.com or 123.hp.com/setup.

123 HP Platform Support

However, most of the HP printer driver and HP printer setup support Windows, Mac, Smartphones, and Tablet. Moreover, you can enjoy fascinating features provided by HP by connecting with compatible OS versions. Furthermore, you can get more intel from 123.hp.com.

123.hp.com - Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is 123.hp.com?

123.hp.com is the default and exact web address to quickly download any printer driver per your printer device. Furthermore, you can get complete and comprehensive instructions on how to set up your printer devices. Moreover, you can get professional support and assistance for any query related to your HP printer.

2. How can I add HP Smart for Windows to the taskbar, desktop, or Start menu?

To create a shortcut to the HP Smart app, open the Windows Start menu. ➔ Click the Start menu in Windows. ➔ Locate HP Smart in the list of programs, and then pick one of the options below: ➔ Right-click HP Smart and choose the Pin to Start option from the drop-down menu. ➔ Pin to taskbar: From the drop-down menu that appears when you right-click HP Smart, choose Pin to taskbar. ➔ Make a shortcut on your desktop: Drag HP Smart to the desktop by clicking on it.

3. Why is it necessary for me to register or login before using HP Smart?

You can print and scan using the HP Smart app and access premium features like mobile fax with an HP Smart account. HP printer that is compatible with HP Smart, you can use to remotely control, share access, and print from any location.

4. What is an HP Printer Driver?

The software that connects each printer to a system so it can work is called a printer driver. Each HP printer has a unique printer driver depending on the model and series number. The printer driver facilitates communication between practically any software and printer by acting as a translator between the two. Because of this, nearly no task or order could be completed by your printer without the appropriate driver.

5. How can I set up my HP LaserJet 1020 Printer?

The majority of HP printers have a similar setup process. Therefore, setting one up won't be a headache for you since you can do so by following the setup instructions for any HP printer. But be sure to install the right HP printer driver on your setup device. To get the appropriate driver for the printer device, you can also go to 123.hp.com. Additionally, you may get setup instructions for HP printers on this website, which will help you with the process.