HP Printer Setup

HP Printer Setup

HP printer is one of the very well-known brands in the world of printing or printers. Most amazingly, HP printers are not just restricted to text printing and color printing but are equally impressive in delivering 3D color printing, faxing, copying, scanning, etc. However, only getting an HP printer won’t benefit you until or unless you complete the HP printer setup. Moreover, the processing steps come under the HP printer setup, including downloading and installing HP printer drivers via 123.hp.com

And also connecting via ethernet cable or Wireless at the end. Besides, using the 123.hp.com interface will help you while processing the HP printer setup, as it gives free and direct access. Furthermore, while describing the HP printer drivers, the HP printer drivers are a software tool that helps convert your data into a printing format. If you want to know how to proceed with the HP printer setup process via 123.hp.com, simply follow the information below.

HP Printer Setup: Downloading HP Printer Drivers

Follow the downward steps to learn how to download the HP printer drivers via 123.hp.com URL. Moreover, downloading the HP printer drivers results in more enhanced printing and other functions.

Start by launching a safe and compatible web browser in your system. And these are Google Chrome, Opera Mini, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, etc. 

➔ Next, you need to type 123.hp.com URL into the address bar. After that, you need to press the “Enter” key. Doing this redirects you to the official website of the HP printer.  

➔ Now, once you are done, it will show you the fields where you need to enter your printer name and model number. 

➔ Afterward, click the “Download” button, so it can start downloading the HP printer driver file into your system.

➔ Further, open the downloaded HP printer driver folder in your system’s web browser. And that’s how you can download the HP printer driver via 123.hp.com into your system and complete one part of the HP printer setup. 

➔ Last, you need to follow the on-screen instructions to install the HP printer driver into your system. Alternatively, you can follow the downward steps to learn how to install the HP printer drivers in your system.

How to Download and Install HP Printer Drivers

HP Printer Setup: Connect via USB or Wi-Fi

Once you download and install the HP printer driver via 123.hp.com, connecting your system to the HP printer via a USB cable or a Wireless network is essential. Therefore, here you have two ways, which you can implement by following the downward information to complete the entire process of HP printer setup.

USB Setup Process

Before you start, the USB cable method belongs to you, only if your printer is not wireless-friendly. And to implement this process:

➔ First, you need to insert one end of the USB cable into the USB port on your printer. 

➔ After that, insert another end of the USB cable into your computer’s USB port.

➔ Last, end the process by turning ‘On’ the power cable to ‘Turn On’ your printer.

Wireless Setup Process

Remember, your printer must have the wireless connectivity option if it is an advanced technology-based printer. And to implement this wireless procedure, follow the downward steps:

First, you need to go to the ‘Wireless Settings’ option on your printer. 

➔ After that, you need to select the ‘Wireless LAN Setup Wizard option. 

➔ Further, connect it to the Wi-Fi network with which your system is already paired.