HP Printer Drivers

To use a printer, you have to install the software first that will enable the computer to work with the printer. It does not work like you just connect the printer with the computer.

One of HP printer software is the Printer Driver. It is just a tiny slice of software that changes your computer data into a format that your printer can understand. Every printer is manufacture with various software and hardware. Now your computer should learn how to give instructions to every machine.

The Printer Driver is Use for:

  • A driver gives print data to the printer in a language that can be understandable. 
  • A driver helps your computer how to give data to it and to understand printer technical information. 

Suppose you try to instruct someone who knows a different language. However, the printer driver will be your personal translator who will convey your instructions in the proper and correct language. Therefore, if a printer driver is not correctly installed or is not installed on your computer. The computer will not be able to do the printing tasks.

HP Smart App

If you have a tablet or smartphone which runs on either Apple iOS or Android, then you can be able to use HP smart app with compatible printers.

Use HP smart to:

  • Manage the supply levels of your printers.
  • Scan and print from your tablet or smartphone. 

Therefore, if you have photos or documents on your mobile device that you want to print, then you can skip the “download to computer” procedure by using HP Smart to print them wirelessly.

Updation of HP Printer Software

An outdated driver can cause your printer to stop working with your computer. Here are some points to update your driver:

Updation of Your Driver with Windows Update

  • First, to make sure that any prior updates have been correctly install, restart your computer. 
  • After that, search for and open Check for updates by pressing the Windows key. 
  • Then, if there are updates, they will start installing automatically. Else, you can click download to start the installation. 
  • Moreover, you can adjust your Windows update settings.

Download and Installation of HP Printer Drivers

  • At first visit HP customer support via 123.hp.com/setup– software and driver downloads.
  • You will be able to find your printer name on the outer shell of your printer by entering your printer name on the search box. 
  • Then click enter. 
  • After that, you might have several different driver options to choose from. Review them all and download all you think is important.
  • Thus, the most important driver options will be placed at the top of the list.
  • 123.hp.com will provide their best services in installing HP Printer Drivers.