HP Officejet 4630 Printer Setup

You cannot escape utilizing an Officejet 4630 printer in the modern era because we still require paper copies for a variety of purposes. Furthermore, it requires a high-quality printer to read aloud speeches, create photo collages, and print Thanksgiving cards, wedding invitations, and other documents. Then, you need a printer if your supervisor requests a paper copy of the presentation you gave or the client letter you wrote. So, HP printers are the most incredible option for completing these jobs and others. Because they provide users with high-quality printouts and fantastic functionality. Moreover, the HP printer drivers are available for download at 123.hp.com Officejet 4630.

Remove the Officejet 4630 Printer from the Box

  • Firstly, remove the Officejet 4630 printer from the box.
  • Then, remove all tape and packing stuff from the front and rear of the printer.
  • Now, remove the packing tape once you raise the scanner lid.
  • Further, lower the scanner lid.
  • Next, take a firm hold of the handles on either side of the printer, lift the door that provides access to the ink cartridges until it locks in place, and then take out all the tape and packaging from inside.
  • In addition, shut down the ink cartridge access door.
  • After that, remove the packing tape, open the paper tray door, and pull it in your direction to extend the paper tray. 
  • Also, close the paper tray door after moving the paper tray forward until it clicks into place. 
  • Recycle the packing stuff.

Connect the Power Cord and Set the Preferences

  • First, after attaching the power cord to the Officejet 4630 printer’s back, plug it into a wall outlet. 
  • Next, turn on the printer.
  • Then, click the down arrow to select the language and press OK on the printer control panel.
  • Now, press the down arrow to select Yes, and then press OK.
  • After that, click the down arrow to select the country/region and click OK.
  • Click the down arrow to select Yes, and then press OK.

Load Paper into the Input Tray

  • Firstly, to extend the input tray, open the input tray door, and then pull it toward you.
  • Further, swiftly pull out the input tray extender and then lift the paper catch.
  • Also, position the paper width guides as far out as possible.
  • Then, place a stack of paper that is either U.S. letter or A4 size with the print side downward and the short edge forward into the paper tray. 
  • Once it stops, press the stack into the tray.
  • Next, the paper width guides should be slid in until they are flush with the paper’s edges. 
  • Place the input tray until it clicks into position.

Install the Ink Cartridges

  • Grab the handles on either side of the ink cartridge access door, and then raise the ink cartridge access door till it locks into place.
  • Before you proceed, wait until the carriage is idle and silent.
  • From its package, remove one of the ink cartridges. Be careful to only touch the black plastic on the ink cartridge.
  • From the ink cartridge, remove the plastic tape.
  • On the ink cartridge slot, lift up the lid.
  • With the nozzles facing the printer, hold the ink cartridge by its sides and push it in the slot until it snaps into place. 
  • To secure the ink cartridge into place, close the lid on the ink cartridge slot.
  • To install the other ink cartridge repeat the previous steps.
  • Shut down the ink cartridge access door.
  • To start the ink cartridge alignment, follow the instructions on the control panel.

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