HP Laserjet Pro M127fn Setup Guides

The HP LaserJet Pro M127fn is a performance-efficient printer packed with enriching features. Furthermore, the printer is sturdy with an excellent body design, measuring 12.2 inches in height, 16.5 inches in width, and 17.2 inches in depth. 20.1 lbs is the equal weight (9.1 Kg). Moreover, it has a regular USB 2.0 port connecting option and a wired Ethernet network connection as well. Additionally, you can pair your HP printer setup with the HP Smart application for mobile and remote printing capabilities. You can easily configure your HP LaserJet Pro M127fn on Windows and macOS from 123.hp.com.  

For that setup, you would require HP printer drivers. These drivers control your printer hardware and the system it is linked to for every device-related task. Furthermore, the HP Laserjet Pro M127fn printer driver serves as the mediator that communicates with the operating system, programs, and other hardware and other devices. Again, humans can learn independently, but computers cannot. Therefore, having the correct driver and software for a complete HP printer setup is necessary. Readers can follow this page for their HP Laserjet Pro M127fn setup.

HP Laserjet m127fn Hardware Setup

To accomplish the complete printer setup for comprehensive functioning, the hardware setup of the device is the first setup. Thus, after getting the printer, adhere to the following instruction for configuring the hardware.            

  • First, remove your printer from the box after opening it, and discard all the packing materials inside and outside the printer.
  • Now, turn on your printer by pressing the power button and customize it via the control panel.  
  • After that, fill the paper tray with enough paper and close it securely.
  • To accurately install the ink cartridges in your HP Laserjet Pro m127fn printer, remove them from the printer’s cardboard box.
  • Once the toner cartridges have been installed, align them before installing the HP printer driver and software to finish the printer configuration.

Laserjet Pro m127fn Printer Installation on Windows

Next in the chronology to achieve a complete HP printer setup is downloading and installing HP printer drivers. This section covers the instructions for the same for your Windows OS. 

  • To get the most out of your Laserjet pro m127fn printer, you can download its printer driver from 123.hp.com/setup for your Windows computer.
  • Once the driver has been downloaded, save the driver exe. file in any easy-to-access location.
  • Next, ensure your computer is on and that a USB cable is not being used to connect your computer to your printer.
  • Now, insert the setup disk that comes with the printer package into the system’s CD drive.
  • Once the CD has been inserted, the installation wizard appears. 
  • After that, follow the installation procedure on the wizard and precisely adhere to the on-screen instructions.
  • If prompted during the installation procedure, connect your printer’s USB cable to your computer, and it will instantly recognize your printer.
  • Subsequently, follow the remaining directions to finish installing all the necessary drivers on your Windows PC.
  • Lastly, to ensure your configuration, print a test page.

Laserjet Pro m127fn Printer Installation on Mac

This section covers the instructions for downloading and installing HP printer drivers on macOS. 

  • To get the driver for your Mac device, visit 123.hp.com/setup.
  • Next, download the setup file that is in the.dmg format for the Mac system.  
  • Create a new print queue on the Mac and utilize the Apple Software Update to install the printer driver.
  • Select Apple System Preferences and select Print & Fax, Print & Scan, or Printers & Scanners, depending on your OS version.
  • To add a printer to the list of printers that is displayed, click the Print Using or Use button, then select the name of your printer.
  • Close the system options box after selecting Add to add your HP Laserjet Pro m127fn Setup printer to the printers list.
  • Depending on the capabilities of your Laserjet Pro m127fn printer, you can now use it to complete all the needed tasks.

With those HP printer setup instructions, users can easily use their printer on Windows and Mac systems. Furthermore, in a general sense, the HP Laserjet Pro m127fn is a brilliant printer. The features of the M127fw include solo copying and faxing and the ability to print, scan, and fax from and to a PC, including across a network.


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