How to Put Ink in HP Printer

You may learn how to load toner cartridges into an HP laser printer as well as Deskjet (ink) printers via 123.hp.com in this post.

How Can I Install an Ink Cartridge in an HP Printer?

Ensure that your HP printer is turned on before you start. Additionally, wait until you’re ready to use the ink cartridge before opening it to prevent harm to your new ink cartridge. The procedure for changing your ink cartridges is as follows.

  1. Use the little handle to unlock the ink access door on the front of your printer.
  2. The ink cartridge should automatically reposition to the printer’s center after a brief period of time.
  3. Press down on a cartridge to remove it after the cartridge has stopped moving and your printer has gone silent.
  4. Remove the plastic pull tab from your brand-new ink cartridge before opening it up and inserting the cartridge at a small upward angle while holding it by the sides with the ink nozzles facing the printer. The cartridge must be pushed in until it locks into place. the second ink cartridge, and then repeat.
  5. Lock the access door for the ink cartridges. To make sure the cartridges are aligned and the printer prints properly, it is advised to print an alignment sheet.

How Can a Toner Cartridge Be Installed in an HP Printer?

Even if you use a Laserjet HP printer rather than an inkjet printer, you will occasionally need to swap out the toner cartridges. While the procedure is primarily the same as changing an ink cartridge, there are significant changes. This is the procedure.

  1. Lift the scanner portion of the printer before lifting the top cover until it clicks into place.
  2. Utilizing the handle, slide the toner cartridge upward until it is out of the way.
  3. Pull the release tab on the outer packing to reveal your new toner cartridge.
  4. Align the cartridge with the printer’s tracks while holding it by the handle, then slide the cartridge in until it snaps into place.
  5. On the printer, take off the scanner’s top cover as well.

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