How To Install HP Smart Software From 123.Hp.Com

HP Smart App is stunning software to manage HP printers without any inconvenience. You can install HP Smart App on your system, Android or iOS, tabs, and laptops. The Smart App is suited for Mac as well as Windows. On the site 123.hp.com, you can get a link for the software and download it from your smartphone’s application store. 

With this software, you can manage your smart devices as well. It is because this software supports smart devices. The software assists in scanning and printing photos and documents effortlessly and speedily. To download and install the app, a secure internet link is required. Once you install the software, you can add the chosen printer.

How to Upload HP Smart Software

The Standard Set of the Directive to Upload HP Smart App Software is as Follows: 

→ To start with, turn on the Windows or Mac computer.

→ Make sure that the chosen device has a stable Wi-Fi network.

→ Afterward, search for the HP Smart App in the app store or the              123.hp.com/setup site. 

→ Once you notice the software, download the same on the computer.

→ Approach the folder where the software file is precisely saved.

→ Observe the software file in the folder and open the file.

→ The 123 HP Smart App installation process begins.

→ Move on with the system shown on the wizard and install the app.

→ Furthermore, open the app and convert the settings based on your necessity.

HP Smart App Download for Windows

HP Smart App Download for Windows

The Approach for Downloading and Installing HP Smart Software on Windows 10 Devices is as Follows:

→ Firstly, power up the Windows computer.

→ Make sure that the computer does not have any issues.

→ Look over and discover the device’s Wi-Fi network is secure.

→ Open the web browser and explore HP Smart Software for Windows.

→ Alternatively, navigate to the 123.hp.com portal to get the application. 

→ When you observe the software, click download for the Windows device.

→ Move to the folder where your file is saved, the HP Smart App software file.

→ Open the folder and double-tap on the software to begin the installation.

→ Go on with the wizard procedure and complete the HP Smart App installation.

→ Therefore, open the app and move on to its settings segment.

→ Convert the app settings as per the necessity and pursue.

→ Attach the printer with the set of instructions given on the Windows screen.

→ At last, take a test print to confirm HP Smart Printer App installation is working correctly. First, verify the HP printer is connected properly. If not, attach and power ON the printer.

→ Check whether the Wi-Fi is empowered.

→ If the printer doesn’t support wireless setup, attach the printer with an Ethernet cable to the printer plug. 

→ Try to connect the HP printer and windows/Mac to the same network.

↓ At the moment, download HP Smart App from the App store or web page.

→ Tap the Plus sign on the HP Smart app home page to recognize the printer name.

→ Further, add your desired HP Printer and wait for a moment till the printer responds to the action.

→ If the light starts to blink by turning ON & OFF, your printer link is failed. Try to repeat the method once again.

→ Immediately, bring your router close to the connected HP Printer setup.

→ If unable to connect- resume the device and repeat the mentioned steps.

HP Smart App Download for Mac

The Simple Steps for Downloading and Setting up HP Smart App for Mac are as Follows:

→ To Begin with, go to the Mac computer and activate it.

→ Next, check and confirm that the Mac computer lacks errors.

→ Make sure that the Wi-Fi network on the Mac device is substantial.

→ Next, visit a secure browser and search for the HP Smart App Download for Mac on the device.

→ Note: You may visit 123.hp.com/setup to get the software as well. 

→ Move ahead to the device folder where you downloaded the software.

→ Double-click on the software file; to start the setup process.

→ Begin with the on-screen and complete the installation process.

→ After the installation is complete, ingress the app settings.

→ Make the changes in the app and set the app according to the necessity.

→ Look at the HP printer and the 123 HP Smart, install them, and take a sample print to check whether the printer is working correctly.

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HP Smart App not Scanning Windows.
HP Smart App not Scanning Windows

→ To begin, connect the windows with updated software.

→ Next, check whether the related windows computer is updated automatically.

→ Look for the up-to-date activities on installing all-new feature software for the printer.

→ Instantly uninstall the existing software.

→ Click the control panel on the windows and tap on the program and features option.

→ Tap the software to be uninstalled by looking down at the list.

→ Install the required HP Printer driver again and try to restart the Windows computer.

→ Search and download the HP Smart App.

→ Once the HP Smart app is installed, restart the windows once again.

→ Add an HP printer using the +sign on the App home page.

→ Scan for the HP Printer series.

→ Finally, connect with the same while clicking add printer.

That is all there is to know about HP Smart Software. It is beneficial to get the application for quality and remote printing results. Therefore, ensure to follow the above instruction to download and install hp.com/123 Smart App. 


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