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HP printer is one of the leading brands selling high-quality printers. It grew its prominence in high-resolution and latest technology printers. Furthermore, HP printers create intrinsic designs of HP Printer Drivers download via 123.hp.com/setup for its users with cutting-edge technology. They have introduced wired to wireless printers to print high-resolution content. Moreover, with the contemporary evolution of technology, they have established their reputation by pioneering 3-D printers for their users.

HP printers commit to sustainability, keeping the environment in mind. However, with the advanced technology of HP Printer drivers, the users often face problems initiating their HP Printer Setup. Hence, 123.hp.com/setup guide the users to install their HP Printer Drivers.

Through 123.hp.com/setup, you can get a complete manual on how to install your HP Printer Drivers. Also, they provide the best assistance having certified experts who assist you in completing your procedure of installing HP printers. 

With the guidance of tech experts, we have sum-up the gist of how to install your HP Printer Drivers. However, if you face any other issues, you can check 123.hp.com for more details. Therefore, let’s start with the procedure:

How to Download and Install HP Printer Drivers via 123.hp.com/setup?

HP Printers come with variant features with excellent services. Therefore, to attain the qualities of HP Printers, you must download the 123 hp printer driver. Thus, install printer software instructions from 123.hp.com/setup. Hence, here are the instructions for the same-

➔ Initiate the process by turning on your HP printer and the devices. Also, note that it is compatible with Windows MAC or devices only.

➔ Furthermore, direct to the 123.hp.com/setup site. Note that it supports only Chrome, Safari, or Mozilla browsers.

➔ Moreover, know your printer model number from the HP Printer control panel. Hence, to attain the best printer software services, you have to type your hp printer model number there.

➔ Then, click on the Basic software or full-featured printer driver of your choice according to your operating system.

➔ Click on the ‘Download icon,’ which will initiate the downloading process. Then, locate the printer software file from your ‘Downloads.’

➔ Finally, run the software file on your computer to avail the printing services. Then, carry on with the HP Printer driver installation for Windows or Mac using on-screen instructions.

➔ Henceforth, you can check out 123.hp.com/setup for more details.

How to Download and Install HP Printer Drivers

How to Set up HP Printer?

The initial step is to unload the printer and its accessories from the box you have bought. Hence, follow these steps to initiate your 123.hp.com Printer setup-

How to Set up HP Printer

➔ First, unpack and sort the package.

➔ Second, power the cable and connect it to the printer and power source to establish a power connection.

➔ Third, turn on your HP printer to start the process.

➔ Fourth, feed the papers into the paper tray.

➔ Fifth, insert the 123.hp.com link cartridges on the respective slots.

➔ Therefore, follow this link to proceed further with printer establishment, i.e., 123.hp.com/setup.